Challenges Staffing Companies Face

When your business grows, you should celebrate, not suffer. Tell that to the finance team that’s trying to make your entry level accounting software and reliance on Excel spreadsheets work in a much more complex environment. Your employees may also be relying on spreadsheets to manage central processes. You may be struggling with disparate operating systems that create multiple versions of information and from multiple locations. This can in turn prevent your employees from having real time visibility into data. Consequently, this also prevents you from having real time insight into your pipeline, cash flow and business trends. Your burgeoning back office may be requiring more and more human and financial resources which you would prefer to deploy elsewhere.

Cloud Based Solution

If these are some of the challenges you are experiencing, you may want to consider utilizing an integrated cloud based management system. As a result, you have access to consistent and centralized data for you business. Most noteworthy, this allows your employees to view and share the same data – wherever they may be located. By connecting your employees throughout your organization to a single source of information, you can dramatically increase efficiency, reduce errors and eliminate redundancies.

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Cloud based management tools cost 77% less than onsite IT systems

You should consider switching to a cloud based management system if you have the following needs:

  • Integrate and automate your accounting and financial management systems
  • Access to information by job order/applicant/industry/placement/division in real time
  • Alternative payroll reporting and multi-location reporting
  • Automated A/P with online approval and payment

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