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Lavoie CPA is a Charlotte professional services firm, focused on financial operations management. We take a different approach to finance and accounting. Instead of reflecting back stagnant financial data, we employ technology and strategic thinking to give you the complete story.

You may be asking…


How did my company get here?

What needs to change to arrive at our goals?

How do you accelerate growth?

We help you answer these questions because we’re your partners, not a service provider. Think of us as your finance department or an extension of your internal team, with the added bonus of having expanded tools, resources, and time to help you achieve expediency, accuracy, and growth.

Interested in growing your business? Let’s talk about your specific goals and how we can get there together.

Financial Services for
Forward-Looking Companies

At Lavoie, we define ourselves as an Accounting as a Service (AaaS) provider. This means that we lean into innovation, technology, and next-generation methods to deliver our financial, accounting, and business services.

Our core services turn finance into a strategic asset by creating opportunities for growth, making wise investments, controlling costs, and eliminating distractions – all while adapting to the rapidly changing marketplace.

Not sure which services make the most sense for your company? We can help. Schedule a consultation online or by calling 704-644-0235.

How We Can Help You

Outsourced Accounting

We leverage technology and strategic thinking to help our partners grow their financial capabilities. These core services include (and are not limited to) accounting, financial reporting and analysis, cash management, budgeting, and human resources.

Software Solutions

Tapping into the power of cloud-based technology, we help our clients implement, adopt, and run software solutions that deliver tangible value. Improved accuracy, greater speed, and performance monitoring are just a few.

Project-Based Services

Teams that feel overwhelmed by large projects can tap into our team to broaden their resources and bench strength. As a short-term extension of your team, we help you achieve your primary goals and objectives.

Increase Profitability

Change is constant, we make it our goal to equip clients with the flexibility and foresight they need to anticipate and react to change.

Improve Cash Flow

As your partner, we can help you drill down and uncover your biggest expenses and ROIs.

Reduce Operational Costs

After a thorough evaluation of your business, we can help you identify areas of potential cost reduction to reinvest and maximize growth. We will be there to help implement a strategy that will not disrupt business and support growth.

Software Spotlight:

For clients looking for an all-in-one financial planning and analysis tool, Jirav is one of our first recommendations depending on your business needs. Learn more about this preferred partner solution.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Lavoie has been an excellent resource for our business. Their unique combination of software knowledge and financial expertise allows them to fully understand our IT-related accounting needs, especially when it comes to the programming of accounting software and customized reporting. They’ve been a great support to our in-house accounting and IT staff.

– Carol Williams

Combi USA

“Lavoie has enabled the Big South Conference to upgrade its accounting and finance functions to a more strategic, detailed and comprehensive platform. We’ve been very pleased with the service, which has also given us more flexibility in our staffing organization and structure.”

– Kyle Kallander

Commissioner, Big South Conference

Lavoie CPA is a Charlotte finance and accounting company that takes a different approach to finance. Instead of reflecting back stagnant financial data, we employ technology and strategic thinking to give you the complete story.

Ready to Reclaim Your Company Finances and Make Confident Business Decisions?

Let Lavoie build you a financial solution for long-term growth and success. The process starts with a one-on-one consultation where you and a Lavoie team member discuss your greatest strengths and challenges.

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