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Here at Lavoie, we provide accounting services for Charlotte businesses, helping organizations across a variety of industries meet their financial goals. With a keen eye towards process efficiencies and next-generation automation technologies, we deliver tangible results, driving growth, and increasing profit for our clients.

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Lavoie CPA, PLLC
112 S Tryon Street
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Charlotte, NC 28284

Lavoie has been an excellent resource for our business. Their unique combination of software knowledge and financial experience allows them to fully understand our IT related accounting needs, especially when it comes to the programming of accounting software and customized reporting. They’ve been great support to our in-house accounting and IT staff.
Carol Williams

Combi USA

Charlotte Businesses We Support

Charlotte businesses look to us to provide accounting services for a variety of industries including software, business services, private equity, venture capital, and healthcare. Our team has tremendous experience in best practice accounting services for these industries as well as many others. We understand the unique needs and pressures high-growth organizations face when it comes to their accounting practices and we deliver accounting technology and services that scale as your business grows.

Our Services

Outsourced Accounting Services

For outsourced accounting in Charlotte, look no further than Lavoie. We are your trusted outsourced accounting specialists when it comes to all facets of accounting for your organization. From accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger accounting, payroll, and expense reporting, we cover the entire spectrum of your accounting needs. Not only that, but we also help you implement next-generation accounting technologies that automate and scale your accounting operations.

Software Solutions Services

Utilizing software solutions is essential for improving financial reporting and making businesses scalable in the long term. Our Charlotte-area accounting advisors at Lavoie will work closely with you to identify the right software solution to support your business’ strategic objectives while making operations more efficient and effective. With our turnkey CPA software solutions, we aim to deliver value to your business, streamline accounting processes, and simplify your decision-making.

Project Solutions Services

Many times Charlotte accounting teams feel overwhelmed when their organization undertakes a large one-time project on top of normal daily accounting functions. Furthermore, these large projects can bring added pressure as organizations want to make sure they are successful and will generate a return on investment. For these reasons, we are pleased to offer project-based accounting for Charlotte businesses.