Software Overview

Financial Management and Accounting Solutions for Software/SaaS Companies

In software and SaaS businesses, rapid growth brings pressures to the finance team: more accounting complexity, order to cash challenges, and additional reporting requirements. As GAAP standards change you need to be prepared.  Partnering with Lavoie CPA can support and automate complex financial processes, provide visibility and proactive changes and scale as your needs evolve.


Benefits Achieved

  • Automate revenue management, recognition and subscription billing
  • Forecast subscription, renewal and service booking
  • Subscription Lifecyle management
  • Gain insight from KPIs you choose
  • And more

Budgeting and Forecasting for SaaS Companies

Plan, monitor, and analyze subscription bookings and revenue. SaaS-specific metrics and templates for budgeting, forecasting, scenario modeling, dashboards, and reports. The result is improved sales and revenue forecasting, and insights that help to improve customer retention and reduce churn while reducing acquisition costs.

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Cloud-based Financial Software