“[Sharai] takes pride in what she does. [Lavoie] is not a giant firm where there’s no sense of ownership or sense of pride. For us, that was extremely important.” 


Monarch Medical


Medical Software


  • Annual revenue doubled
  • Headcount increased from 12 to 35 employees 


  • Implemented cloud-based ERP solutions 
  • Set up software to track commissions
  • Built a system of internal controls 
  • Created a new purchase order process 
  • Supported payroll and HR functions

The Client

Monarch Medical operates in a highly regulated and competitive industry, where the quality of products and services directly impact patient care. At the outset of the engagement with Lavoie, Monarch (which was purchased by Eigen Capital in 2012) had minimal processes especially in terms of accounting systems. Lavoie took responsibility for the entire back office support function of the company, with Eigen Capital’s leadership noting of Sharai Lavoie “she just knew what to do.” Monarch doubled its revenues, increased its workforce and improved its systems relative to invoicing, purchase orders and preparing financial statements. This resulted in many positive outcomes, with Monarch’s senior leaders noting, “The business is running like a well-oiled machine.”

As a medical software company, Monarch Medical creates algorithmic dosing products associated with insulin for hospitals and other healthcare clients. These products help save lives and improve patient care while giving healthcare providers the tools to treat patients more efficiently. 

In 2012, Eigen Capital purchased Monarch’s IP product and services while integrating the existing workforce into its operations. The existing business consisted of 12 employees and minimal accounting and business infrastructure. Also, Monarch’s products exist in an FDA-regulated industry and must meet rigorous standards of quality and reliability.

The Challenges: A Lack in Structure 

Monarch Medical’s baseline accounting processes lacked structure. Leaders of Eigen Capital noted, “All of the mechanics of administering the company, from an structural standpoint, didn’t exist.” 

As a result, accounts payable and document retention policies were not well-defined. Also, purchase orders and purchasing processes were not in line with industry best practices. 

Monarch did not have an accountant or financial professional on staff to help improve operations. For Monarch to provide better service to internal and external customers, while maximizing shareholder value, it was necessary to create policies, processes, and procedures to run the business.

The Need: An Experienced Outsourced Accounting Firm

Monarch needed an outsourced accounting service provider to set up the entire back office function of its business. This service provider needed to be self-sufficient and low maintenance while having the tools and proficiency to revamp current operations and support future growth. 

Also, Monarch and Eigen Capital were looking for a financial service provider experienced with private equity clients. Lavoie’s holistic approach, accounting software applications and experienced personnel were an ideal fit to establish, improve and expand Monarch’s processes. Given the entrepreneurial mindset of Lavoie’s founder, Sharai Lavoie, and Monarch’s leadership team, there was a commonality of mindsets.

Sharai Lavoie also has a background in the healthcare industry. This proved critical for understanding the dynamics of Monarch’s operating environment. There is a wide spectrum of healthcare accounting applications, cloud-based technology solutions and add-on modules to standard accounting systems. Knowing how to parse through this array of systems to find the optimal solutions, based on the industry, size and nature of a company’s operations, is no simple task. Lavoie had the flexibility and knowledge base to do this effectively while having the acumen to communicate with private equity professionals on complex matters. Eigen Capital’s leaders appreciated Sharai Lavoie’s work ethic noting, “She takes pride in what she does.”

The Solutions

System Optimization and Process Improvement

To meet the objectives of the engagement, Lavoie implemented tools to make the company’s accounting systems more robust. These included cloud-based applications to streamline accounting and payroll tasks. Processes were standardized, measured and tracked to improve performance. For example, customer contracts were standardized. This led to the better management, evaluation and recording of important transactions that directly impacted the revenue cycle and cash management.

Internal Controls

A system of internal controls was implemented to meet the regulatory demands in this industry. Whether it was document retention policies, a series of account reconciliations to verify the accuracy of balance sheet accounts, or protecting confidential information, this system of controls was coordinated with all company personnel for maximum effectiveness. Lavoie participated in HIPPA training and integrated those guidelines relative to the tasks and accounting procedures they completed. Without an effective system of internal controls, a myriad of risks can impact the continued viability of Monarch Medical, which is why Lavoie placed emphasis on the integrity of the solutions implemented.

Commission Tracking 

Recommending and establishing the use of software to track commission, resulting in more clarity and accountability for the sales team to see commissions building up in real-time, was a beneficial best practice. It brought alignment and transparency for all stakeholders in the organization, improving morale, sales, accounting and other processes. Aligning business units is critical for efficiency and the continued growth of an organization, as well as for maintaining a competitive advantage in the global economy.

Attaining Purchase Order in Advance 

Another significant achievement was a new process to coordinate with hospitals to attain purchase orders in advance. Proof of purchase orders allows for bank funding alleviating funding concerns or restrictions. This process was integral for growing the business and was facilitated by Lavoie’s staff members. Fine-tuned processes are critical for enhancing the speed and capabilities of operations, as accounting supports management decision-making and helps attain the resources necessary to achieve organizational objectives.

The Result: Doubled Revenue 

Over the course of the engagement with Lavoie, Monarch doubled its revenues, increased its headcount from 12 to 35 employees and improved cash flow through effective accounting and treasury procedures. 

While some hospitals tend to be slow payers, Lavoie’s team worked with these customers to speed up payment and make more cash available for Monarch’s ongoing operations. Lavoie’s team undertook the many labor-intensive tasks required to streamline operations and establish a month-end-close for financial statement preparation.

Lavoie has proved to be a trusted advisor and strategic partner in the running of day-to-day operations of the business while building the infrastructure for future growth. Lavoie also participated in the interview of the CEO for Monarch Medical with Eigen Capital. This type of insight, combined with a clear illustration of company performance and the management of operational tasks, is where Lavoie’s added value really shows. Having a trusted partner to look to for advice and practical experience can yield a significant return on investment.

In Summary

Monarch Medical engaged Lavoie to perform outsourced accounting services, and help support the growth of their business while improving the efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy of Monarch’s financial reporting processes. The engagement was a success, with Monarch Medical doubling its revenues. 

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