There are still a lot of companies that have not tapped into the advantages with cloud accounting technology solutions. Let’s take a look at what they’re missing out on – below are the top five benefits of moving to cloud applications.

1) Adoption is Quick and Simple

Users can access cloud applications on both standard and mobile web browsers anytime, anywhere. Companies don’t need to upgrade internal infrastructure for solutions. Using web style user interfaces, like that of eBay or Yahoo, cloud technologies allows for a more widespread adoption across the company without detailed training.

2) Deployment Time Decreases

Time to value with cloud solutions is significantly lower than with on premise applications. A “go live” for cloud Enterprise solutions takes typically 2-3 months or less, whereas on-premise solutions typically take 6 months to 1 year to implement. Not only is implementation time reduced with cloud technology, but the IT resources required are much less.

3) Interoperability Between Cloud Applications

Cloud applications have one characteristic which makes people love them, and that’s the fact that most of them are geared towards integration with other applications. Some have their own marketplaces with extensions and plugins, while more than 95% of cloud applications have an API that allows extensions.

4) Security

One of the top concerns of cloud skeptics is the fear of sacrificing data security when you allow company data to exist outside the internal firewall. According to SuccessFactors, security actually increases when you’re using cloud solutions. This is due to strict ISO security standards that cloud providers must follow, in addition to the regular security audits. This means no more worrying about lost laptops with confidential data and hacking threats.

5) Scale on Demand

Using cloud computing, you can easily ramp up or down services based on your organizations needs. You no longer have to build for the future, or be constrained by past decisions.

What benefits does the cloud bring to your business? Do you plan on investing in cloud technology? We would love to hear your opinions in the comments section!


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