“Drowning in a sea of Excel spreadsheets.“

“Plagued by confusion, delays and lack of confidence in reporting.”

“Cost and headaches of on-premise accounting systems and IT infrastructure.”

“Need for a user-friendly cloud solution that would support anytime, anywhere access while minimizing IT efforts.”

These are just a few of the most common challenges that faith-based organizations struggle with. The good news is Intacct, the customer satisfaction leader in cloud ERP software, is the solution for those problems. And it is not just me saying so, below are a few examples of what leaders from churches around the country are saying about Intacct:

“Intacct has allowed us to bridge the gap between efficiency and being a people- oriented caring ministry.” Dennis Richards, Executive Pastor, Preston Trail Community Church, Frisco TX

“They (the ministry staff) wanted to know right away how they were doing in that new campus, What’s our attendance? What’s our giving? What are our expenses on capital expenditures? (With Intacct) we were able to provide that information, fast.” Randy Bell, Executive Pastor of Administration, Gateway Church, Dallas/Fort Worth TX

“With the efficiencies we’ve gained through Intacct, we’ve kept our staff size low even as we doubled in size. By using the system to manage all of our day-to-day bookkeeping, we’re saving $85,000 or more a year in salaries and benefits, while doing deeper analysis and reporting.” Aaron Goin, Finance Director at Faith Promise Church, Knoxville, TN

“QuickBooks was a good fit when we were starting out, but now we need a more robust financial management system. Intacct will enable us to double the productivity of our finance team while providing better overall control and visibility into the use of our funds. With Intacct, we can continue to grow without the need to immediately add headcount to our finance team—providing a nice savings to the church.” Gay Lynn Martin, Financial Director, Canyon Ridge Christian Church, Las Vegas, NV

Reasons Why Intacct Software is a Great Tool for Faith-based Organizations

  • It’s a cloud-based. Forget about needing an expensive on-premises system.
  • Like the staff at Gateway Church says, good data drives good ministry; Intacct frees up staff time that can be spent on ministry. For example, checks and payments can be reviewed and approved from anywhere via internet so events can be organized, budgeted and funded quickly and easily without running around for approvals.
  • With the Statistical Accounts and Journaling functionality, you can capture and track non-financial data such as attendance, baptisms, missions, members in small groups and volunteers. And then you can produce reports such as the Giving Scorecard in a blink. Just think of how quickly you can produce reports showing changes in worship attendance, variations in giving or average giving per attendee per week. All from one system!
    • You have easier, faster and more accurate reports using Intacct Dimensions. This functionality makes reporting a much simpler process. Gateway Church estimate they spend 25% less time preparing reports.
    • With Intuitive dashboards your church leaders have easy access to real-time key information such as revenue vs. expenses, giving by period, current cash position, attendance and more.
    • Budgeting is so much easier when you have reliable data and analytics.  Preston Trail Community Church reports that with Intacct, the 2015 budget was much easier and delivered ahead of time.
  • Intacct provides immediate access to important data and documents so decision-making is much easier and supporting documentation is easy to access for review.
  • Imagine your church’s executive office being completely paperless. Invoices are submitted electronically and payments are made the same way. Data on incoming funds is available to all pastors as soon as the amounts are posted.
  • Intacct provides open APIs so other software can easily interface with it. This is great for churches that outsource their payroll to a third-party processing company, use expense management software to track business travel expense or use church management software to track membership and giving. Also, with the APIs, data uploading using Excel .csv files is easy and time-efficient.

Lavoie is an Intacct business partner and we have an accounting and ERP implementation team dedicated to helping our clients get started on Intacct.  If you have any questions about how your church or nonprofit can benefit from our products and services, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.