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Is your business on the fast track to growth, but being held back by the increased demands on your finance team?  Is your current solution(s) too basic to handle your evolving needs?  Do you lack the resources to be able to make strategic decisions in a timely manner?

Lavoie believes finance should play a strategic role in driving performance for companies of all sizes. Our cloud software solutions enable our clients to:


  • Improve productivity by eliminating manual processes and spreadsheets
  • Get instant visibility into business performance, anytime, anywhere
  • Integrate with your other applications to eliminate data re-entry and information silos
  • Save money, increase security, and reduce IT headaches

Sage Intacct’s ERP solution is at the core of our platform. All our partners provide seamless integration into Intacct to eliminate manual entry and create global visibility. Our technology ecosystem enables us to work with companies of all sizes looking for a single solution or an entire platform that will save them time and money.

81% of CFOs see the cloud as the future for their applications
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Is your team spending hours on spreadsheets? Your entry-level accounting solution isn’t doing you any favors. Ditch the extra data entry with Intacct’s feature-rich cloud accounting solution. Automate multi-entity close and reporting, revenue recognition, project accounting, and more. Save your team time today and be prepared for tomorrow with a solution that can handle almost any accounting process you can imagine.

Rescue your budgeting, planning, and forecasting from slow and painful manual processes with planning software for finance teams, proven to improve productivity by more than 70%. Integrate revenue and expense planning, use rolling forecasts, and analyze performance. Enjoy the benefits of using a cloud-based planning system and work the way you want to work – on the web, in Excel, or mobile. Easily sync to Intacct or another ERP system. Integrations to CRM, HR and other systems are also supported.

Streamline your bill approval and payment processes and get paid faster. Pay and get paid via ACH with full remittance information, store documents, and route bills for approval and sync with Intacct automatically. You get everything you need from Intacct to pay bills: vendors, accounts, departments, and so on. All your payables are synced to Intacct to eliminate duplicate entry and keeping all in balance.

Get back to doing the work that keeps your business running with flexible approval workflows, intuitive mobile apps and full training and support from Nexonia. Powerful Intacct integration, credit card management, travel integration and more all in the cloud and on your smartphone.

Easily tracks expenses against all Intacct dimensions, including custom-named dimensions. Tallie Expense Reports are transformed into Intacct Bills or employee expense reports. Tallie allows for reimbursements via Intacct, integration to your payroll provider or import into for reimbursement.  Tallie will provide automation, efficiency and controls to your expense reporting processes.

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Customer story: TransBlue

Running back and forth between jobsites can eat up time and resources, especially for a small business. TransBlue was still running their business the old-fashioned way when they updated their business infrastructure. Lavoie CPA can help you update too.

TransBlue now uses Microsoft 365. The mobility enables them to cut out drives to the job that used to eat up an entire day. Now with Skype, they can see the site in real time and upload pictures to Teams for anyone working on the project, anywhere.

The shift to the cloud brought agility to TransBlue. Contact Lavoie CPA to find out how we can help you integrate Microsoft 365 today.

A Customer Data Platform Picks Up Where CRM Leaves Off

If you had access to all your customer data, how would you use it? That’s the question you should consider before you begin to bring your data together; then you can set your organization up for success.

With the Azure data platform, you can take advantage of the efficiency and agility of the cloud by easily migrating to the cloud without changing code. Unlock insights and make predictions faster with Azure.

Lavoie CPA and Microsoft are here to help you get the most out of your data. Contact us today to find out how we can help you transition to the data platform that IT pros trust.

Missing Children Society of Canada

Missing Children Society of Canada uses social media to get the word out about missing children. Everything was going well with their social media push notification system until their system went down. Lavoie CPA knows you can’t afford an interruption in your service, that’s why we’re here to help.

To prevent further interruptions in service, MCSC migrated to Azure. With Azure cloud services, the first responders can immediately push information out on social media.

The applications of Azure services are endless and can be used to scale your data with AI. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

How The Compliance Function Is Evolving In 2018 — Five Key Findings

The security and compliance landscape is ever changing. Therefore, it is more important than ever to ensure your organization is protected against the threats of today and prepared to handle the challenges of tomorrow.

With the cohesive structure of Microsoft 365, you can rest easy knowing that you have the right tools in place across your organization to adapt quickly to industry shifts.

It’s never too early to start looking ahead. Contact us to learn more about increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your security and compliance functions.

Customer Story: Marshall Public Schools

When implementing technology in schools, there is always a push and pull between security and freedom. Too much security and the technology will lose its usefulness to students and teachers. On the other hand, allowing students to access and download anything they want can pose significant security risks.

Using Windows 10 in S Mode, Marshall School District is able to strike the ideal balance between fostering creativity and collaboration in their students while ensuring each device is always kept secure. Students can graduate with a skillset that will allow them to excel in college and beyond.