Welcome to Lavoie CPA

Lavoie CPA PLLC is an accounting firm with a unique focus. We understand that accounting is an integral part of your business life cycle. However, we also know that accounting encompasses your entire business pulse. This is why we concentrate on your entire business, including operations, and become a part of your team. We are driven by your vision, and by our mission of supporting it all.

At Lavoie CPA, our mission is to support our clients in all their needs. Our clients become our partner and we share in success. Whether providing full or fractional support to your team, our drive, ability and focus are constant, ensuring that our clients have consistent access to support, advice and technology.

We provide exceptional levels of service and unbiased solutions to help our clients make informed, strategic decisions. Financial and operational reporting tells the story of your business. Becoming a part of your team allows us to provide you with a best seller every time.


Featured Services

Managed Services_featured services

Managed Accounting

Free up internal staff to focus on your core business while saving time, resources, and capital.

Advisory Services_featured services

Consultative Advisory

Gain a long-term business partner committed to your needs when you need it.

Technology Services_featured services

Technology Services

Leading cloud-based solutions that support your business life cycle.