There are a number of important elements that ensure that a company’s accounting efforts are effective and efficient, and support growth and viability. Today, I want to take a closer look at two more key components: time management and discipline. Only by committing to both can a business leader make sure the company’s financial situation stays on track.

Time Matters

Dedicating the appropriate amount of time to various tasks can be challenging as decision makers have a lot on their plates on a daily basis. With so much going on, and with so few hours in the day, it is possible that some things can get pushed to the side. One task, in particular, that many business owners struggle with is managing the accounting work required to run business efficiently. Most owners are not accountants, so they naturally focus on tasks that inspired them to start the business in the first place. Without a good accounting support and detailed information, challenges wind up unaddressed, and can snowball over time.

One of the best ways to avoid looming accounting debacles is to outsource accounting services or set aside a specific time each week to focus solely on accounting matters. When owners have dedicated time each week, they will able to address issues early, before they become big problems. In addition to getting the jump on problems, decision makers will have insight into the firm’s financial situation at all times. This is essential for ensuring that companies take advantage of opportunities as they arise. There is no way for leaders to make the best choices for their organizations if they don’t have a clear and accurate view of their financials.

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Discipline is Needed

Obviously, setting aside time to focus on accounting issues is only effective if business leaders actually stick with that plan. Additionally, owners need to have access to accurate budgets and be able to regularly compare their actual results and make adjustments as circumstances change. Accounting software can make a big difference here. Comprehensive, cloud based accounting solutions allow the business owner and team to do the detailed analysis needed. This in in turn allows them to develop short, medium and long term strategies and track progress over time.

Dedicating the time necessary to manage financial matters, coupled with the discipline to adhere to a schedule and enjoy meaningful access to information, are critical for long term success. The companies that choose to tackle the hard work of time management and financial discipline are always better positioned for success than those that make accounting and financial management a low priority.

Can you think of any other key components that business leaders need to commit to in order to keep track of the financial position of the company?