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High-growth businesses and private equity firms generate and track large amounts of financial data every day. Some larger enterprises even have a dedicated finance team. But even with the support of a department, company data can quickly become outdated or siloed, preventing business leaders from having a complete vision.

By using an outsourced financial consulting and analysis service, you receive valuable support with the financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes of your business. At Lavoie, we help your executive leadership team make important business decisions through data insights generated from our outsourced financial consulting and analysis service.

Financial Consulting

The Benefits of Outsourcing Financial Consulting & Analysis

Financial consulting and analysis from a team of highly experienced specialists can save your company valuable time and resources. By combining our experience, processes, and top-rated technology, Lavoie delivers insights that will send your organization in the direction of your goals. 

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of Lavoie’s financial consulting and analysis services:

Streamlined & Effective Decision Making

Financial consulting and analysis streamline your business decisions by consolidating your financial data in one place, instead of being siloed across various platforms. This allows executive leadership to have a centralized view of the data they need to make better decisions and be proactive rather than reactive.

Powerful Modeling for Sustainable Growth

With our financial consulting and analysis services, we can model business projections and outcomes for each area of your business. This powerful modeling helps leaders scale rapid growth stages. We help you plan for any scenario so that you can predict the outcomes that will best meet your business objectives. Plus, by planning ahead you can ensure sustainable growth.

Increased Productivity

Financial consulting and analysis software eliminates manual reporting and spreadsheets. This not only increases the accuracy of your data but also expedites data delivery.

Your Trusted Partner for Financial Consulting & Analysis

At Lavoie, we leverage next-generation accounting software platforms to analyze your financial data and drive results in line with projected performance. We provide our financial consulting and analysis clients with industry-leading business planning and forecasting software that delivers meaningful results and tangible value to your leadership’s financial strategy.

Our financial consulting and analysis services include:

Strategic Planning

Our financial consulting specialists are heavily involved in building the strategic plans for your business due to our proximity to your financial data. With deep knowledge and experience in analyzing financial data, we provide the insights that drive your strategic planning.

Management Reporting

The creation and updating of reports for executive leadership is one of the more time-consuming and high-touch tasks within an organization’s finance department. As a result, it is one of the biggest cost drivers, as well. Our team streamlines your reporting, which adds valuable dollars back to your bottom line.

Decision Support 

Our outsourced accounting, financial consulting and analysis provide valuable decision support to your senior leadership. We conduct rigorous financial analysis that gives your leaders guidance on some of their most important business decisions such as pricing, mergers and acquisitions, and activity-based costing.

Delivering Value to Our Clients Through Trusted Financial Consulting

When you work with Lavoie, you get the full weight of our team behind you. This not only includes our team of professionals and their experience, but it also includes their diverse skill set and robust software solutions. By joining experience with technology, our team can help you look into the future and make confident business decisions. 

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